My name is Julie Faber.  I have a business degree, fifteen years’ experience building more than 250 successful websites, and 9 years experience in Public Relations with the 3rd largest Geothermal plant in the United States.  In building my previous business (Telluride Websmith), I’ve been through a lot, and I know what works and what doesn’t. Now I’m proud to be a part of a successful web development and PR firm dedicated to serving clients in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, California:  Mountain Studio.

While other web builders talk about SEO and CRM and Flash and Meta Tags, at Mountain Studio we simply ask your customers to describe your company, based on their experience with your site. What would your customers say?  Friendly? Creative?  Frustrating? Fast?  Elite?  Informative?  Confusing?

To the online customer, your website is your company.  At Mountain Studio, we try to get inside your head and see just what persona you want to project and how involved you want to be with your online customers.  After that, everything else falls into place.

If you want a specialty online store, we can make it happen.  If you want to be able to update the site yourself, we can make it easy for you.  If you want to create a community through blogs or RSS feeds, we can do that too.  Or we can help you limit traffic by screening out the tire kickers.  It’s all up to you.

Our purpose is to create incremental, profitable business for you.

At Mountain Studio, we’re reasonable, we’re fast and we’re very experienced, both in Public Relations and in Web Design.  Now you know who we are; how about giving us a call so we can create a website that expresses who you are?

Beyond the screen, you’ll find Julie likes to fly fish, run, ski, climb and be mom.